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Campus Life

Dining Services

The Dining Room

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are provided daily at Grier. The dining room offers a wide variety of foods for all tastes and diets.

Our mission is:

  • to provide well-balanced meals which include two proteins, one starch, one vegetarian option and a fresh steamed vegetable.
  • to provide fresh seasonal vegetables for the salad bar and seasonal fruits every day.
  • to cook 85% of our meals from scratch to eliminate preservatives.
  • to provide wide array of ethnic foods items to reflect the diversity of Grier students.

Unique Needs & Diverse Cultures

Special attention at meals is paid to religious and cultural days of importance. Labels denote foods that fall within dietary guidelines, such as “Dairy-Free” or outside, such as “Contains Pork” so that students can make the best choices for them. Certain dishes such as rice are served every day at both lunch and dinner. Every meal includes entree options for vegetarians.

Other standard fare includes:

  • Korean or Basmati rice
  • Sandwich makings
  • Fresh fruits
  • Steamed or stir fried vegetables
  • Cold cereals
  • Lunchtime soups
  • Salad bar
  • Homemade desserts
  • Ice cream
Please write to our Food Services Supervisor Ashley Morningstar if you have any questions regarding dining options at Grier.

Meet the Chefs

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The Coffee Barn

The Coffee Barn is a cozy snack bar housed in a restored log cabin on the Grier Campus, near the Lower Barn. In addition to a variety of snacks, students can purchase healthy smoothies, bubble tea, and coffee beverages.
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