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Let Them Eat Cake!

Students in European History pitched in to purchase cakes in honor of Marie-Antoinette and Charles V, both of whom the students learned about in class and can link to cakes. According to popular folklore, Queen Marie-Antoinette of France famously declared, "Let them eat cake!" in response to the hungry, breadless peasants revolting outside Versailles Palace. While modern scholars do not believe the Queen acutally said these words nor expressed their sentiment, the European History students were happy to use the legend as justification to have cake!  They also celebrated Charles V Holy Roman Emperor who profitted from the Columbian Exchange. This introduction of New World agriculture to Europe included cocoa to make chocolate, which eventually found its way into cakes such as these. Students wore plastic crowns to represent royalty as they dined on sugary confections bearing the likeness of these two European monarchs. 
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