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Advanced Ecosystems Design Presentations

Students in Advanced Ecosystem Design class presented information about Styrofoam to their peers. Advanced Ecosystem Design is a science elective open to students in grades ten through twelve. In the class, students explore topics involving ecosystems within the Grier greenhouse and our earth. This includes timely topics such as the energy balance of the earth, greenhouse gases, carbon capturing, carbon footprints, composting, soils, and growing our own food. For this assignment, the class divided into two groups to produce two variations on poster presentations about Styrofoam and its impact on the environment and on human health. Each board provided alternatives to polystyrene foam, such as biodegradable packing materials and food and beverage containers that are more earth-friendly.
The study hall students viewed each board and answered questions about the way the information and graphics were presented, providing feedback to the groups. Then, the science class surveyed their peers to see how many students use Styrofoam and for what reasons. Using the feedback and data collected from their pilot presentations, the Advanced Ecosystem Design students may revise their posters and share them with the rest of the student body in an effort to increase awareness of the issues with Styrofoam and encourage the Grier community to make earth-friendly choices.
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