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French Students Cook Up Some Crêpes!

The extended class period time of Lab Days allowed the French language students of Madame Pope and Madame Shaffer to create the French culinary delight: crêpes. Cardinal Cottage, one of the residential cottages on Grier’s campus, provided a fully-equipped kitchen for the students to prepare and enjoy their custom-topped crêpes.
Students prepared the large, thin pancakes using traditional crêpe making methods and tools, as well as, an authentic French crêpe batter recipe from Madame Shaffer’s mother. Grier chefs Duane and John led the crêpe-creation process, providing the batter and giving technique lessons to the students.

After sautéing their crêpes, students selected from an array of fillings and toppings to complete their dishes. Savory toppings included smoked salmon, cream cheese, sliced swiss, and ham. Sweet toppings included strawberries, bananas, Nutella, honey, jam, and whipped cream. As students enjoyed the crêpes, they conversed in French and flipped through French cookbooks and books about French lifestyle and cuisine.

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