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Departments Recognize Academic Excellence

during a special all-school assembly on Monday, May 20th, Department Heads from Modern Languages, English, Math, Science, and History presented class awards to students in grades 7-11. These awards are presented to students who have demonstrated a winning combination of academic excellence, dedication to learning, and a genuine interest in the subject matter.  Congrats, girls!

Seventh & Eighth Grade
  • Aahanna L. – 7th & 8th Grade English Award
  • Chujun L. – 7th & 8th Grade Science Award, 7th & 8th History Award
  • Hannah Q. – 7th & 8th Grade Modern Language Award
  • Marcella B. – 7th & 8th Grade Math Award, 7th & 8th Grade English Award
  • Shoshana M. – 7th & 8th Grade Modern Language Award

Ninth Grade
  • Celine J. – 9th Grade Modern Language Award
  • Emily Gao Wang – 9th Grade Math Award
  • Emily Sun – 9th Grade History Award
  • Isabella H. – 9th Grade Science Award
  • Mackenzie H. - 9th Grade Modern Language Award
  • Samantha C. – 9th Grade English Award

Tenth Grade
  • Cindy W. – 10th Grade Math Award
  • Elizabeth P. - 10th Grade Modern Language Award
  • Isabella F. – 10th Grade Science Award
  • Lenox B. - 10th Grade Modern Language Award & History Award
  • Maiia M. – 10th Grade Math Award
  • Nodoka M. - 10th Grade History Award and English Award

Eleventh Grade
  • Amy L. – 11th Grade English Award
  • Annie L. – 11th Grade Modern Language Award
  • Jasmine S. – 11th Grade Science Award
  • Judy J. – 11th Grade Math Award
  • Maggie A. – 11th Grade English Award
  • Rori K. – 11th Grade Science Award
  • Sarah L. – 11th Modern Language Award
  • Zai D. – 11th Grade History Award

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