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End of the Year Picnic Celebration

The seniors set the celebratory tone for the last day of classes by surprising the faculty and student body with a memorable senior prank. Seniors removed teachers' chairs from their classrooms and wrapped them in plastic. They even blocked the doors to some classrooms with plastic wrap. They covered the halls in balloons and sticky notes with messages stating, "The class of 2019 is sticking around!"  Following the half day of classes, students and faculty gathered in front of Mrs. Borst’s house for an end of the year celebration. While rain kept the actual picnic lunch indoors in the dining room, the skies cleared just in time for the special end of the year celebration. 
After members of the Select Singers honored Mrs. Neumuller by performing a song she composed about Grier, Mrs. Borst honored Grier’s retiring faculty members, Mrs. Barb Neumuller, Mr. Don Neumuller, and Mrs. Kim Silverman. Next, Grier bid farewell to English teacher Mrs. Michele Thibodeau and Spanish teacher Srta. Leen who are relocating to other states after five years of sharing their gift of teaching with Grier.

Camille L., Yearbook Editor, took center stage to present the 2019 Grier Pineneedle Yearbook, themed “All Eyes on Us.” Rachel P. then presented the yearbook dedication to Learning Skills and Math teacher, Mrs. Greta McCracken. Then, Marcia Z. honored Science teacher Mrs. Kelly Forest with a yearbook dedication. Seniors stepped up, one by one, to receive their yearbooks. College Counselor Ms. Kitty Moyer jumped in with a happy surprise announcement that senior Heather P. had recieved an additional scholarship. 

Mrs. Borst presented the seniors with a gift inscribed with a message reminding the seniors of their inner strength and beauty. All the students and teachers received their yearbooks and the rain stayed away long enough for everyone to enjoy looking through the yearbook and signing each other’s yearbooks with special messages. It was a nice time to relax and take in the moment before the busy graduation weekend and finals week ahead.

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