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Congrats to Ms. Lawler on Another Published Book!

Grier congratulates English Department Head Ms. Kara Lawler on the publication of her second book. The book, titled Everywhere Holy, debuts on December 3rd in stores and online retailers nationwide through HarperCollins/Thomas Nelson publishing. Her journey from idea to the book’s realization was extensive, a lesson in the reward of hardwork and perseverance that Ms. Lawler can share first-hand with the budding writers in her English classes.
This is Ms. Lawler’s fourteenth year at Grier. She currently teaches the highest level English courses of AP English and English 12 Honors, along with a course in Creative Writing. Last year, Ms. Lawler took a six-week sabbatical from teaching so that she could focus on writing. Her deep understanding of literature and the writing process are assets to students in her classes, many of whom desire a profound understanding of literature and to improve their own writing. 

Ms. Lawler is a contributor to The Huffington Post, The Today Show, Parenting.com, and many other outlets. Some of her essays have been read millions of times and she has close to 3 million readers on Today. She co-authored a book with Regan Long in April 2018 titled A Letter for Every Mother. Her work frequently resonates with adults, especially mothers or individuals experiencing emotional challenges and seeking solace.  

Her latest book, Everywhere Holy, has been reviewed favorably by Publishers Weekly, who describe Ms. Lawler’s book as a “hopeful, uplifting testament to draw closer to God—and therefore to their authentic selves—by looking to uncover beauty within ordinary moments.“

When asked what Everything Holy is about, Ms. Lawler says, “ It’s a book about struggles and triumphs, depression and anxiety but true joy, heartbreak and unconditional love.  While it’s a personal story, filled with many details from my own journey, readers are led into their own journeys, their own stories, their own adventures.” She was compelled to write the book for many reasons, influenced in part by her own journey and learning to slow down and find spirituality in a busy world. She hopes readers “can open their eyes to the beauty all around them, even if life sometimes feels heavy.”

In the process of launching her book, Ms. Lawler had the exciting, new experience of doing voice work for the audibook version of Everywhere Holy. Despite being the author, Ms. Lawler still had to audition for the part. After being selected, HarperCollins flew her to Nashville where she made a recording in a studio on Music Row.  She was thrilled to record in the same studio where many music greats, including Willie Nelson, had also produced recordings. In fact, Ms. Lawler sat in the very same seat country musician Tim McGraw had sat in only the day before to produce the audio for his recent book. Ms. Lawler wrapped up her Nashville visit by having dinner with her publicist, editor, and the marketing team.  Plus, she had the chance to explore the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Johnny Cash Museum.
Grier English teachers focus on the writing process, and believe that through training in writing and composition, literature, grammar, and vocabulary, they prepare students well for studies at the postsecondary level. Every student is required to take at least one English class each year and may take additional electives when possible. While Grier’s English teachers seek to prepare students for university expectations, they also hope to instill a love of language and literature within the students who are in our classes. Ms. Lawler has always brought a strong knowledge of English literature and writing composition to her Grier students, but her writing success serves as an example of how a person can do amazing things with the right amount of effort and support.

Anybody interested in learning more about Ms. Lawler’s new book, including where to preorder it,  can check out the website for the book, listed below with related links.  

Everywhere Holy: Seeing Beauty, Remembering Your Identity, and Finding God Right Where You Are. Kara Lawler. Thomas Nelson, $17.99 (224p) ISBN 978-1-4002-1163-0

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