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Welcome Back, Mrs. Knepp!

Grier is thrilled to welcome science teacher Mrs. Samantha Knepp back to the classroom after her maternity leave. Just before the birth of her baby this fall, Mrs. Knepp had a great summer opportunity participating in Penn State’s Materials Science Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Program where she conducted research on emerging bio-imaging technology using infrared nanoparticles.
Working under Professor Dr. Jim Adair, the research Mrs. Knepp and her fellow RET colleagues performed focused on the evaluation of the depth of penetration by shortwave infrared photons through soft tissue. According to Dr. Adair, Penn State has the only benign nanoparticles that enhance imaging. Gaining a better understanding of this technology has the potential for medical professionals to detect cancerous lesions in the pancreas, lungs, and other areas of the body. 

While the technology being explored by Dr. Adair has high-level applications, the content and techniques Mrs. Knepp learned in the RET program are useable within high school science classes and labs. Grier also loves seeing the photos that Mrs. Knepp shared, which show her working in the lab and giving presentations while 8 months pregnant. Congratulations, Mrs. Knepp, and welcome back to Grier!

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