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Bravo! Grier's 2019 Winter Dance Performance

On Friday, December 6th, Grier Dancers performed before an audience of Grier teachers, students, friends, and families. The show was a culmination of the semester and featured twenty numbers with Grier dancers of every level. Grier’s dance faculty members, Jocelyn Hrzic, Danielle Bower, and Emmalee Hallinan choreographed many pieces, but the line-up also included songs with choreography by guest instructors Lenora Nemetz, Norbert de la Cruz III, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Melissa Rector, and Jason McDole.
The program opened with a large group performing the jazzy Magic To Do, as choreographed by the legendary Lenora Nemetz. Lily C. and Solana both performed solo numbers. The Intermediate-Advanced dancers performed pieces choreographed by their peers Lily C., Sydney L., Estella P., and Grace M. Seventy-six Grier dancers performed tap, hip-hop, ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary dances throughout the show. A jaw-dropping number called Bold that Darrell Grand Moultrie choreographed for Grier’s Pre-Professional dancers  concluded the program. Finally, the dancers all returned to stage for their bows and applause. Bravo, dancers!

Winter Dance Show 2019
  • Magic to Do - Choreography by Lenora Nemetz; Rehearsal Director Jocelyn Hrzic
  • Moving On - Choreography by Norbert De la Cruz III; Rehearsal Director Jocelyn Hrzic
  • La Derniere Danse - Choreography by Lily C. and Sydney L.
  • Satisfaction - Choreography by Emmalee Hallinan
  • Departures - Choreography by Norbert De la Cruz III; Rehearsal Director Jocelyn Hrzic
  • Pawns - Choreography by Emmalee Hallinan
  • Go - Choreography by Jocelyn Hrzic
  • Intro - Choreography by Melissa Rector; Rehearsal Director Jocelyn Hrzic
  • Woah - Choreography by Emmalee Hallinan
  • As One - Choreography by Grace M. and Estella P.
  • Doria - Choreography by Danielle Bower
  • TikTok - Choreography by Danielle Bower
  • Conscious - Choreography by Jason McDole; Rehearsal Director Jocelyn Hrzic
  • Cried Power - Choreography by Danielle Bower
  • Ride - Choreography by Melissa Rector; Rehearsal Director Jocelyn Hrzic
  • Track 13 - Choreography by Emmalee Hallinan
  • Slippery - Choreography by Danielle Bower
  • Meant to Stay Hid - Choreography by Danielle Bower
  • Odi et Amo - Choreography by Danielle Bower
  • Bold - Choreography by Darrell Grand Moultrie; Rehearsal Director Jocelyn Hrzic
Grier Dancers:
Abigail C
Alexandra H
Amy P
Angel G
Anna L
Annie L
Ava M       
Callie C
Camila R   
Catrina C  
Chengcheng L
Coco L        
Danielle B
Daniela D 
Emma Z
Estella P
Faride S
Fernanda G
Fiona Q
Grace A
Grace M
Hannah N
Izzy Holes 
Jillian H
Jewel W
Julia G
Julia K
Kady N
Karen Z
Karina N
Kayla R
Kimen C
Kirsten R
Laila W
Lailah W
Layla K
Leila H
Lexi B
Lily C
Lindsey W                       
Lucky Z
Lucy W
Luludi G
Mackenzie H
Mercedes G
Michelle C
Natalia R
Natalia T
Nicole K
Nina W
Nova P
Otiwaa O
Paige N
Paloma M
Paola C
Petralinda M
Phoenix P
Rhianna E
Riko Y
Roberta B
Rori K
Royce M
Nicole K
Samantha C
Sasha E
Shawna L
Shilin L
Simone T
Solana R
Sofia O
Sophia J
Stefanie V                        
T’aja W
Tina W
Tran N
Veronica P
X’achela R                       

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