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Computer Science

Programming Classes Display Semester Projects

Students in computer classes at Grier displayed their semester projects, which included a business design, JavaScript drawings, and 3D sculptures. Grier’s computer programming courses offered in the IT Corridor are part of what earned Grier a top 20% ranking in Newsweek’s top 5,000 STEM schools of 2019.
The middle grade students in Design, Create, and Program class made displays showcasing elements necessary to create their own business.  This included business plans, job descriptions, marketing postcards, business cards, a website, and a 3D printed component. 

Meanwhile, the students in Programming class used JavaScript programming language to create artwork. Creating these cartoon images required a healthy amount of actual coding to provide the computer with enough information to complete the drawing accurately. It typically took four printed pages of code to create one image! Mrs. Deremer displayed the images and samples of the code in the windows of Grier’s IT Corridor. 

Students in 3D Design class worked with software programs to design objects to be printed by the 3D printers. Objects created included a jack-o-lantern with a lid, a cat’s head, a dog, a bust, and more!  Not to be forgotten, AP Computer Science class followed the curriculum established by the College Board.

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