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Grier Podcast Multi-platform Launch

Students in Recording Technologies class are thrilled to announce that the Grier Podcast is officially live on all major platforms.The initial release includes two episodes written and produced by students.

In the episode “Culture Shock,” American students Mikayla and Helena and Chinese students Diana and Jin discuss differences between the US and China when it comes to some of our favorite consumables: food, music, and social media.  In the episode “Disney Villains 101,” Nina, Tina, Carina, and Bri explore the parent-child relationships of Disney villains like Mother Gothel to Rapunzel and Lady Tremaine to Cinderella.
Podcasting, or creating talk radio shows that can be streamed and downloaded by users on demand, is a technology that has existed for over a decade, yet it continues to grow in popularity. According to studies by Nielsen and Edison Research, there are 30 million podcasts available, and 16 million people in the US identify as “avid fans” of podcasts.  Many podcast fans listen to about seven full episodes each week. Most listen to podcasts at home, though cars are a second favorite listening locations. The format is popular worldwide, especially in Korea where more than half of Koreans listened to at least one podcast during the course of a month.  

The Grier Podcast series is just beginning. AV teacher, Mr. Beckel welcomes other student groups and classes to contribute to the Grier Podcast. This is a great way for students to build skills not only in technology, but also in communication, critical thinking, and creativity. the podcasts are a wonderful way to get a glimpse into the world of Grier students. You can find the Grier Podcast on Spotify, iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Anchor, Antenna, and Google Podcasts. 

Listen, like, subscribe, and rate the Grier Podcast today on your favorite platform! 


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