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Grier Students Participate in YEA! Conference Discussion and Presentation

Krystal S, Isabella H, and Lily L joined Grier Science teacher Mrs. Forest in attending the Youth Acting for our Earth (YEA!) Conference in State College. The conference was hosted by Isaac Vergun, the Co-Founder and Lead Youth Climate Leader of YEA! The event allowed children in kindergarten through high school to talk about the climate crises, an issue on the minds of many Grier students. Each attendee presented a slide or two about the crisis.
Vergun was a federal plaintiff in the court case Juliana et a. v. US, where 21 young people argued that access to a clean environment was a fundamental right. Vegun and his team appeared courtesy of the Sustainability Institute at Penn State. 

While weekends are often time for relaxation and fun, these Grier students appreciated the opportunity to spend part of their weekend participating in the discussion and interacting with key leaders working to educate others about climate change. 

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