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Forensic Psychology Fingerprint Analysis Lab

Students in Forensic Psychology class took impressions of their own fingerprints during a lab. They compared their own fingerprints with those of their classmates to notice different whorls, ridges,and patterns.
Forensic Psychology is one of five psychology courses offered at Grier School. In this class, students use research in clinical, cognitive, developmental, and social psychology to understand how psychological science can enhance the gathering and presentation of evidence, improve legal decision-making, prevent crime, rehabilitate criminals, and promote justice.  Students in Mr. Ort’s classes are eager to learn about the endlessly fascinating human mind and behavior. Other offerings include an introductory psychology course, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, and AP Psychology.

Fingerprints have been collected and used as evidence in criminal trials. Scientists have also attempted to correlate fingerprint patterns with physiological, biological, and character traits. Psychology teacher Mr. Ort and his students discussed ways in which fingerprints might be used as evidence and what scientists can (or cannot) know about an individual based upon their fingerprints.

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