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Lego Bricks Build Comprehension of Philosophical Theory

Students in Philosophy class played with Lego bricks to build a stronger comprehension of one of the philosophical theories they had learned about in class. The students have been reading the novel Sophie’s World, which provides an overview of history and philosophy in a narrative format.

One of the book’s early chapters introduces Democritus’ Particle Theory, in which he believed the world was composed of tiny particles or what we would call “atoms” today. The chapter in Sophie’s World goes on to say that Lego bricks are an ingenious toy to demonstrate this idea. When someone builds a structure with Lego bricks, the assembly of bricks not only represents the new thing, but the integrity of each individual brick is still maintained.

Each student in Philosophy class used Lego bricks to construct something meaningful as they discussed how each of the meaningful sculptures was still made up of the original, unchanged, units, or “atoms.”
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