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Yearbook Dedication to A Teacher Who is Out of this World!

Every year, the staff of Grier’s Pineneedle yearbook dedicates the yearbook to a faculty member or two. This year, the staff chose enthusiastic science teacher Mrs. Christine Fernandes for one of the dedications. 
Mrs. Fernandes has been a part of Grier’s Science Department since 2008. During her time at Grier she has taught a number of science classes including Life Science, Earth & Space Science, and Integrated Science. Additionally, Mrs. Fernandes is the advisor to two clubs at Grier: Astronomy Club and Garden Club. She is also responsible for many of the photographs of campus, lab days, and school performances featured on Grier’s website and social media.    

In the yearbook dedication, the students thank Mrs. Fernandes for the memorable learning experiences she has provided them. Her Life Sciences classes have enjoyed participating in the Trout in the Classroom program where they raise and release trout into local waterways, watching hermit crabs emerge from their sandy beds,  incubating and hatching fuzzy ducklings, and exploring the woods and waterways to learn about the native flora and fauna of Central Pennsylvania. The Earth Sciences class have an annual pilgrimage to Lincoln Caverns to learn about cave geology and often have a chance to see actual moon rocks loaned to Mrs. Fernandes by NASA! 

In addition to Garden club, where students learn about plants and flowers, visit florists, plant flowers, and create beautiful floral arrangements, Mrs. Fernandes leads the Astronomy Club. When conditions are right, Mrs. Fernandes opens the Andrew Wilson Observatory on Grier’s campus for students to observe the night sky both with their eyes and a variety of telescopes. Students have observed the moon, planets, constellations, and perhaps a meteor or two!

By sharing with Grier students her love of the natural universe, Mrs. Fernandes ignites their curiosity. She shows her students that there is no end to the wonders of the natural world and that there is always something new to discover. Congratulations, Mrs. Fernandes on your yearbook dedication!

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