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Enrichment Program Options Available

While the International Student Orientation Program (ISOP) has been cancelled for Fall 2020, three Enrichment Program options remain open for enrollment. These options include the Princeton Review, Riding, and Dance Enrichment programs. The cost for each of the specialized programs has been set at $1500 per week. Signed enrichment program permission form and payment must be returned to the school by July 31, 2020. Continue reading to download the permission forms and to learn more.

Grier has developed the Enrichment Programs for the Fall 2020 Reopening as a way to support the CDC guidelines for social distancing through a staggered return to campus. 

All Enrichment Programs will follow a similar schedule, with content tailored for each specialized program. Participants in the enrichment programs will follow the same COVID-19 safety protocols established by Grier for the return to campus and start of classes. These protocols include: hand-washing, COVID-19 testing, temperature monitoring, social distancing, and mask-wearing.  See  the FAQs and other documents on Grier's COVID-19 Information Page

Enrichment Program Schedule
8:15am                                 Breakfast
9:00am                                 Program Activities Begin
11:30am-12:30pm            Lunch
12:45pm-4:30pm             Afternoon Program Activities
5:00-6:00pm                      Dinner
7:00-8:30pm                      Evening Campus Events
10:00pm                              Room Bell
10:30pm                               Lights Out
Weekends will include Specific Program Activities and Campus Events

Enrichment Programs Offered (as of 7/20/20)

Princeton Review SAT Prep and College Application Program
 -Returning students in Grades 11 or 12, wishing to participate in this intensive one-week program prior to taking the SAT test on Saturday, August 29, 2020. Students will work with college counselors on the application process the next week.
Arrival Date: Friday, August 21, 2020.
Program dates: August 24-September 4, 2020.

Grier School Dance Orientation Program -Any student wanting to participate in a two-week dance program. Beginners to advanced dancers are welcome.
Arrival Date: Monday, August 24, 2020.
Program dates: August 26-Spetember 9, 2020.

Grier School Riding Orientation Program -Any student wanting to participate in a two-week riding program.   Beginners to advanced riders are welcome.
Arrival Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2020.
Program dates: Thursday, August 27-September 10, 2020.

Students not participating in Enrichment Programs should arrive on Grier campus at the time designated for their grade and/or boarding status.

Additional information about enrichment programs and permission forms here.

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