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Meet Grier Series - Meet Natalia R. ‘22!

At Grier School, we are proud of our diverse student community and culture. This year it is our goal to highlight our Grier Girls in their own words. Our new series, Meet Grier, introduces our students to our extended community while showcasing their achievements and stories.

Meet Natalia R. '22

  • Name: Natalia R
  • Home Away From Grier: Mexico City
  • Year: Junior
  • Years Attended Grier: 4
  • Age/Grade Started at Grier: 8th Grade

How did you decide to attend Grier? 

I came for the Grier Summer Camp program and then came for school!

Why do you prefer the all-girls school environment?

I feel empowered in an all-girls school environment. It allows me to focus on myself without feeling judged, discuss topics of interest with peers freely, and make mistakes along the way. An all-girls school environment is incredibly supportive and aims to push young women towards our goals, knowing that we can achieve them just as well as men.

Are you a member or officer of any clubs/organizations?

I am a Grier ambassador, as well as a Pre-Professional dancer. I am part of the astronomy and excursion clubs.

Do you participate in any Signature Programs or activities? Which ones, and why do you enjoy them?

I am a part of the Pre-Professional Dance Company, and I enjoy the quality classes, choreographers, and facilities at Grier. Both Jocelyn Hrzic and Danielle Bower are passionate teachers who support and guide dancers through their dance careers. The dance program is an incredibly supportive family. We all applaud each other for the hard work and progress we have made through the years.

What has been your favorite memory or story from your time at Grier?

My favorite memory from my time at Grier was travelling to the National High school Dance Festival in Pittsburgh last year and getting to be on stage with the company for the last time last year. We got to take exceptional classes and audition for colleges. It was a phenomenal experience filled with lots of knowledge.

What are you most excited about for this year?

I am most excited to continue expanding my knowledge! I appreciate the teachers at the Grier School because they are all extremely knowledgeable about the subject they teach and make sure to help the students not only grasp but enjoy the learning process. Not only do I learn things academically at Grier, I learn things about dance, myself, and others.

What is your favorite tradition at Grier and why?

My favorite tradition at Grier is graduation. It is a beautiful ceremony that celebrates the persevering seniors and sends them off to a new chapter in their lives in a personal, heartwarming way.

What advice or message would you share with future Grier Girls?

Make mistakes! Grier is the perfect place to learn, it is an environment that lacks judgment. Never be afraid to fail, otherwise, how will you learn?

Just for fun, what is your favorite class, quote, book, recipe, movie, tv show, or podcast?

My favorite class is Environmental Science, my favorite quote is "keep it simple," my favorite book is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, my favorite recipe is my Grandma's shortbread recipe, my favorite movie is Lady Bird, and my favorite podcast is Entiende tu Mente.

Thank you, Natalia, for sharing with us! 

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