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Meet Grier Series - Meet Sissi W. ‘21!

At Grier School, we are proud of our diverse student community and culture. This year it is our goal to highlight our Grier Girls in their own words. Our new series, Meet Grier, introduces our students to our extended community while showcasing their achievements and stories.


  • Name: Xinyue ‘"Sissi" W.
  • "Home" when you're not at Grier: Shenzhen, China
  • Year: Senior
  • Years Attended Grier: 2
  • Age/Grade Started at Grier: 11th Grade

Why Did you Decide to Attend Grier?

For many reasons.1) Grier is a small community that I expect. 2) I like its location, which has four distinct seasons. We can ski during winters as I do at home, a city near Hong Kong. 3) Before applying for Grier, I visited here during the winter in 2018. Mrs. Neely showed me around the campus, such as the library, stables, and different buildings for different studies. By the way, my dad and I love the library so much! And it is my honor to be a student library monitor now. When I first came into Grier, I found that here is the place I could explore and challenge myself.

Why do you prefer the all-girls school environment?

From my perspective, I don't view gender as a considering factor when I choose schools. No one is able to choose his/her gender, nationality, race, family or religious background when he/she was born. I only view people's personalities. By the same token, as a senior student, I will also apply for Wellesley College and Smith College, which are two of the top colleges in the US and both of them are single-gender.

Are you a member or officer of any clubs/organizations?  

Bridge Club, Recycling Club, Varsity Basketball Team, Student Library Monitor. I am running for the President position in the Senior Student Council.

Do you participate in any Signature Programs or activities? Which and why do you enjoy them?

I participated on the varsity basketball team. I enjoyed learning from my coach and other team members. All of them are brilliant and awesome. They led me to an entire new area of skill, and encouraged me to be a good basketball player. At Grier, I see more possibilities in myself.

What has been your favorite memory or story from your time at Grier?

A lot. One of my favorite memories at Grier is my 18th birthday, which was in September 2020. In the morning, Mrs. Borst sent an email to all faculty members and students that announced there would be two students' birthdays. Thus, I received many blessings from other students on that day. I knew some of them, whereas others I didn't even talk to before. However, I thought this is why Grier so fascinating. Everyone is so friendly and helpful at Grier, especially for us boarding students, I always feel relaxed and safe at Grier.

What are you most excited about for this year?

I am most excited about my graduation and prom for this year.

What is your favorite tradition at Grier and why?

One of my favorite traditions at Grier is announcing everyone's birthday on a specific day, including students, teachers and faculty members. Even though "Happy birthday" is not a visual or "valuable" present, it is the best gift I have ever received. When someone says "Happy birthday" to me, I feel that I am valued by them who are surrounding me. I feel that this is where I belong, especially as an international student. I feel that I am not lonely. I have friends and people who care for me at Grier. Additionally, Grier also teaches me how to appreciate others. I still remember that one day, Mrs. Borst told us that we would give a staff member a retire-surprise who had worked in a cafeteria for over 30 years. After school, a lot of girls, including me, went to the cafeteria to celebrate her retirement. At that moment, I felt: what a wonderful world it is!

What advice or message would you share with future Grier Girls?

Be nice, be brave, and be yourself.

Just for fun - what is your favorite class, quote, book, recipe, movie, tv show, or podcast?

My favorite class is Ms. Wyland's Chemistry class, she is also my basketball coach. It is my honor to meet such a goofy and funny teacher at Grier.

Thank you, Sissi, for sharing with us!


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