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Response to Positive Cases

Head of School Mrs. Gina Borst informed parents on Friday of two positive Covid-19 cases in the Grier community and detailed how the school is proceeding. 

Her letter to parents reads:

Dear Parents,

I am writing to inform you that I just learned of two positive cases of COVID-19 in our community.  Thankfully, none of our students have tested positive and we are going to work to keep it that way.  To this end, all students will be tested tomorrow morning with results in by Sunday.  While we are waiting, the girls will be confined to their rooms for their safety and well-being.  Of course, we will make sure everyone is comfortable, well fed, and as happy as we can make them for the 24-hour quarantine. 

Over the weekend, we are having classrooms cleaned and sanitized.  Classes will be conducted virtually on Monday.  I promise to keep you updated as things develop throughout the weekend.

Believe me, I understand how upsetting and scary this is for you, but know our first priority is for the safety and well-being of the students. I will be speaking to the girls in about 30 minutes so I am certain you will be receiving calls from your daughter.  I ask that you remain as calm as possible and do your best to reassure her it will be alright.  We will do the same from the school.

Please feel free to contact me via email or by phone with any questions.  I am always available.
Gina Borst, M.Ed.
Head of School

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