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Model UN Delegates Share Experiences at Virtual Conference

Grier’s Model UN Club participated in the first online Pennsylvania High School Model United Nations Conference (PHUNC) at Penn State University October 30 - November 1.

Model UN advisor Mr. Steve Packnick writes, “Everyone worked really hard in committee and did a really great job. I’m so proud of how this club has performed in this difficult virtual format and rose to the occasion.”  Grier received two individual awards and a group award.
In a letter to the Grier community, Mr. Packnick continued praising the club:

Students represented a huge range of individuals while debating how to solve some truly unique circumstances. Whether it be dawn of civilization in Papua New Guinea, the court of Henry VIII, an eruption of Yellowstone’s super volcano, warlords of Vietnam, a secret society of the supernatural, or even the labor organization of the Oompa Loompas at Willy Wonka, everyone came up with exciting and interesting solutions to problems. While not all of them worked necessarily (starting a cult, building catapults to end sedition), many solutions were found to help push the world forward (weeding out a trader from a rival candy company, establishing a board of magical individuals, or even a society of equality and understanding and progress)
The club’s hard work was rewarded with two individual awards, too! Julia G. was awarded an Honorable Mention for her hard work and organization in debate and Isabella H. was awarded Best Delegate for fighting the good fight for equality and progress of every tribe in her committee! The entire group was also awarded Outstanding Small Delegation for their hard work in creating a strong debate.
Mr. Packnick and the Grier community congratulate all those that attended for their great success!
Abby G.
Yasmin G.
Celine J.
Isabella H.
Isabelle F.
Julia G.
Elizabeth C.
Samantha C.
Nguyen V.

Some of Grier's Model UN delegates wrote about their experiences at PHUNC VIII, which sound incredibly fun while serving to deepen understanding of complex nature of international politics, global cooperation, and diplomacy.

Violence and Hurricane Damage Mitigated in Supernatural New Orleans
During my conference, I focused on writing directives that would stop violence between those in different factions in the supernatural world of New Orleans. We minimized damage and injury from Hurricane Katrina through weather magic, magically compelled people to evacuate early, and directed funding towards emergency services. Our committee investigated murders, vandalism, a kidnapping, and ultimately an undercover werewolf army at Tulane University created by a delegate from the werewolf faction. We held three separate trials, had prison breaks, all the while I slowly built my business from one psychic parlor to a multi-state operation in conjunction with the popularity of the Harry Potter franchise. I used the popularity to write a book and at the very end to release a Netflix documentary revealing the ongoing war between supernatural factions in New Orleans to boost sales.
Julia G. – Honorable Mention Award  

Pan-African Parliament President Feeds People, Forms Cult
During my conference, I used my position as president of the Pan-African parliament to begin multiple riots throughout the European Union in order to get its citizens on my side and obtain more food and resources. I drafted multiple directives in order to direct troops and foreign aid towards Africa as a preliminary attempt to prevent damage to my continent. Towards the end of the conference, I began a satanic electricity-hoarding cult, as none of the countries were sufficiently helping my continent out during a power shortage.
Celine J.    

Candy Corn Religion Promotes Religious Unity in Tudor England
The committee Keeping Up with the Tudors was structured as a typical crisis committee environment with a small twist that was a reality TV show on the timeline of the Tudor family. Based in England, each member in committee was acting as a member on King Henry VIII’s court, including those working in international affairs and every single one of his wives/ladies in waiting. All of the participants were faced with topics such as warfare and surprise attacks from neighboring countries, a deathly plague spread through the country, and even trials of members within the court. The two representatives of the Grier School worked to create a new religion (called Candy Corn) to bring back Catholicism and religious unity to England by working with the ambassadors from neighboring countries, and new, outside of the box ways to deal with those being infected by the plague being spread by rats onboard of ships. This conference was a unlike any other and under different circumstances than we are used to, but it was special and like always at PHUNC, we learned a lot and were able to make friendships with new people.
Abby G. (author) & Yasmin G.

Agricultural Scientist Aids World in Aftermath of Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption
Set in the hypothetical instance of the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, the Yellowstone committee successfully created a wide variety of compromises. Debating whether to first focus on the immediate or long-term effects of this disaster, delegates were able to create directives that were all-encompassing; these directives addressed not only the area immediately near the eruption, but also the topics of modified agriculture, solutions to health/medical issues, and ways to combat the crisis at its root: the ash cloud. As Dr. Shinohara Takashi (an agricultural scientist at Tokyo University), I was able to shift the focus of the committee towards genetically modifying crops and funding new research to overcome the realities of the dynamic, post-eruption world. I wrote several directives addressing not only agriculture, but also addressing chemical methods of reducing the ash cloud, alternative energy production, transportation issues, malnutrition, education, global cooling, corruption within the committee, and even an impending nuclear meltdown. The weekend at PHUNC wrapped up with a nuclear world war that destroyed the United States, the European Union, and much of the world, but due to intuitive planning, Japan survived without any long-lasting damage. Overall, I had a great weekend of Model UN excitement, and I can’t wait for next year!
Samantha C. 

Labor Movement Leads to Formation of Micronation
The Wonka Co. Labor Movement was run by a committee of influential Oopma Loompas and occurred as a result of the charges against Willy Wonka following the Golden Ticket event. The Oompa Loompas were tasked with reestablishing and rebranding Wonka Co. while simultaneously keeping Wonka and other candy competitors at bay. As the marketing manager, I took it upon myself to keep our customers updated on the changes taking place within the factory, assist in establishing and advertising new products and the introduction of Loompa Co., and work with my most trusted committee members to investigate any suspicious activity within the company. As a committee, the new Loompa Co. Board of Directors were able to satisfy the needs of our workers by establishing a new micronation, New Loompa Land, and reconstruct the public image that Willy Wonka had destroyed. 
Isabelle F.

Thank you, Model UN members, for shedding some light on what exactly goes on at a Model UN conference!  We hope you have learned how to help the world in times of crisis, or at least had a great time trying.   Congrats on your hard work!  

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