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Fine Art

Piloting Drones with Mr. Beckel

Students in Mr. Beckel's video classes enjoyed an opportunity to pilot Mavic Mini DJI drones in the dance building.  Piloting the drones is a challenge that requires the student to simultaneously operate the drone and the drone's video camera. 
Initially, Mr. Beckel had planned to do the test flights outdoors on the Grier soccer fields, but rainy and windy weather prevented this. The lightweight drones are easily caught by wind gusts and travel long distances before their batteries are drained and they crash to earth, sometimes landing in places where they are nearly impossible to retrieve - like a the depths of a river, for instance! 

The Grier students enjoyed their chance to practice with the drones and look forward to additional opportunities in the coming semester. We look forward to seeing any fun footage they manage to capture!

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