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Grier Summer Remains Closed for 2021

In a letter shared today with families, Grier Summer Director Jennifer Pepperman announces that Grier Summer will not open in 2021.
Good Morning Camp Families and Staff:

As the early days of 2021 unfold and most are optimistic about better days being on the horizon, we are all aware of the reality that in the midst of a pandemic, changes must still be made and precautions taken to keep everyone safe. While a vaccine stirs hope, eagerness, and a belief that the end is coming – it unfortunately does not mean that things are safe yet, that the end of this pandemic is here, and that the time is right to come together to celebrate. 

It is with disappointment, sadness, and understanding that I announce that Grier Summer will not open in 2021. The Board of Directors of the Grier Foundation, along with school and camp administrators, have concluded that it is in the best interest of our staff and campers to not gather in 2021 due to the risks posed by COVID-19. 

Grier Summer is about bringing staff and campers, from across the US and around the world, together for more than horse backing riding, dance, art, and theatre. It is about forming relationship, sharing, connecting, and being free to learn and play together. The circumstance we all are still in prevent these things from occurring safely. To open would create more risk with the health and wellbeing of our campers and staff – something we care too much about to jeopardize. While not seeing familiar faces on campus and introducing new ones to our community for a second year is quite disappointing, we look ahead to 2022 encouraged that our patience and caution will be rewarded.

For families whose deposits have been held, please contact us with refund instructions. For anyone interested in having their deposits applied to 2022, please let us know this as well.

While there will not be new pictures or stories for us to share on social media over the next year, please continue to follow and stay connected on the Grier Summer platforms because we will be highlighting and remembering all the wonderful things that have happened in past summers as we await 2022.


Jennifer Pepperman

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