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Planting Wonder and Wishes

Last weekend,  nearly a dozen gardening Grier girls enjoyed creating Fairy Gardens, potting houseplants in upcycled containers, and planting wildflower seeds.

They created the whimsical terrarium fairy gardens using kits purchased from a local young woman entrepreneur named Cora Seftas. Each kit included a jar with “fairy food,” assorted figurines, river stones, glowing granules, and a spray bottle.  The “fairy food” was a mix of edible microgreen seeds for radishes, sunflowers, and broccoli. The accompanying spray bottle allows the girls to keep their terrarium garden refreshed and green.
They also potted pothos cuttings, philodendron cuttings, and spider plants into upcycled mugs, teapots, and jars. To make spring come a little sooner, they sowed some wildflower seeds into little pots, too! 

To top it off, each student received a wish bracelet handmade by Garden Club advisor and resident green thumb, Mrs. Fernandes. They had a fantastic time getting their hands a little dirty and making something beautiful.  Because it was so popular, students will have another opportunity to participate next month.

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