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Grier Gives a Big Thank You to Healthcare Workers

Grier NHS members invited students to send a special thank you to the healthcare workers administering vaccines, including those who vaccinated many members of Grier’s faculty and staff.  As the number of vaccinated individuals grows, we get closer to all being together once again. 
NHS advisor Dr. Gb collected notes from students studying in-person and virtually. Student volunteers helped compile the letters and made special posters for the healthcare workers. In the letters, the students wrote their appreciation and noted the interpersonal connections and activities they hoped to resume one day. 

Examples of words of gratitude the students shared with vaccinators:

Thank you so much for braving Covid to help us return life to normal. Every day you set an example of what real life superheroes look like. -Charlotte
Thank you so much for risking Covid exposure every day to provide vaccines to the people. Thanks to your help, I can finally get back to spending time with all of my friends. I will also finally be able to travel internationally to see members of my family I haven't seen in over a year. Your hard work is bringing loved ones back together and making the world a better place for everyone around us. We appreciate you so much! -Celine
Thank you for helping us get back to have a finally normal life. I am beyond thankful and grateful that you guys are taking your time to go out there and fight the virus for us to have a normal-ish life again. Thank you so much! -Sarah
Thank you for everything you do and helping us get our senior year back! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!  - Rhianna
Thank you for helping us get the vaccines done and bringing us a huge step forward for getting us together and back to normal again. Thanks for your hard work for building a more lively and safer  campus! Best wishes, Chujun
 Thank you so much health care workers for helping us get through this horrific pandemic by giving the vaccine to those who need it so we can see our families and friends.  -Megan
Thanks for helping me be able to see my friends again! Love you guys! Sincerely, Claire
Thank you for helping us get back to normal life, we are able to meet friends, get in touch with others, and go to places we want. I hope we can totally go back to lifestyles before COVID sooner. Thank you! -Frankie
We really appreciate all you do. We would not be here today without you all! Thank you! -Chantelle
Thank you so much for helping us get back to spending time with our friends outside of virtual meetings. We truly appreciate all that you are doing! -Amber
Thank you so much for keeping our community and world safe during this time. We have all been so lucky to rely on your hard work and knowledge about the virus to look out for us and our loved-ones. You are all heroes! Thank you! -Abby 
Thank you so much for your tireless efforts and hard work to keep our community safe! We appreciate you so much. We were able to go back to school safely and see our friends, and because of your efforts we will soon be able to travel and see family and friends. Soon we might even be able to participate in sports games, go to concerts, and go on vacations. Again, thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing to combat this virus and to protect us! Thanks! -Yasmin 
Indeed, thank you healthcare workers for all you do. Thank you also for NHS for organizing this opportunity to share our gratitude.

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