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Green vs. Gold!

Grier Student Council members hosted a fun and spirited Green and Gold event following classes on Friday, March 5th.  Students gathered in the Dance Building to participate in several lively competitions.

Which team would win?  Green or Gold?  Perhaps with the green shamrocks celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this month, the Green team was destined to win?  Then again, the Gold team and its color connection to leprechauns' end-of-the-rainbow riches could have the edge!
The Green team took the lead early, with students in grades 7-9 facing the balloon challenge, attempting to keep balloons in the air. Green team sophomores earned another point for their team when Olivia M. claimed the last seat in a hilarious game of musical chairs. Next, juniors showed their speed in the balloon dash, with the Green team winning yet again!  Finally, the seniors faced off in an epic tug-of-war and Gold team earned their first point. 

With the Green team besting the Gold team 3-1, students on the Green team earned vouchers for free drinks from the Grier Coffee Shop. 

Congrats on the win, Green Team! Great job playing, Gold! 

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