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Grier Graduation Ceremony

Following a senior year unlike any other, months of planning, weeks of preparation, and days of filming, Grier's Class of 2021 graduated on the sunny morning of May 22, 2021!  Grier's Commencement Ceremony was held in-person on Lodge Lawn and Colonnade and attended by families and members of the Grier Community. Grier TV broadcast the event live to YouTube for those who could not attend. A recording of that broadcast is available below.
Junior class servers attended the graduating seniors who proceeded down the Colonnade in their long white gowns. The Director of Grier welcomed everyone. Senior members of the National Honor Society gave speeches, reflecting on their time at Grier, the challenges of the past year, and their hopes for the future. Head of School, Mrs. Gina Borst presented senior awards and, along with Mrs. Cari Crago, the diplomas. Trustee Mr. Geoffrey Grier welcomed the new alumnae and Student Council President Laila W. led the closing prayer before everyone sang Grier's Alma Mater.

National Honor Society Speeches:

  • Nodoka M. - Valedictorian
  • Lenox B. - Salutatorian
  • Laila W.
  • Carolyn B.
  • Nguyen V.
  • Annie Q.
  • Rhianna E.
  • Elizabeth P.
  • Gia S.
  • Isabelle F.
  • Carina S.
  • Madeline L.
  • Abby S.
  • Olga L.
  • Lillian R.
  • Paige N.

Awards & Honors

NHS members for 2021-22

Graduating with Honors
Lenox B. - Salutatorian
Carolyn B.
Cordelia-Marie C.
Elizabeth C.
Elizabeth C.
Rhianna E.
Cecilia F.
Isabelle F.
Julia G.
Mikayla G.
Sophia J.
Jammy J.
Judy L.
Olga L.
Nodoka M. - Valedictorian
Petralinda M.
Paige N.
Elizabeth P.
Lillian R.
Kirsten R.
Abigail S.
Carina S.
Giovanna S.
Ashley S.
Grace T.
Nguyen V.
Laila W.
Sissy W.
Hailey Z.
Athena Z. 
Emily L.
Amber L.
Selena N.
Angie N.
Khe N.
Otiwaa O.
Adele P.
Cici R.
X'achela R.
Jeongmin S.
Frankie X.
Megan X.
Vivian Y.
Sylvia Z.
Ella Z.

Student Council Officers
Laila W. 
Lenox B.
Rhianna E.
Kirsten R.
Abigail S.
Giovanna S.

Jimmy La Rosa Riding Prize
Kara S.
Grace T.

Betty Bingay English Prize
Isabelle F.

Eleanor Bowie Art Prize
Yolanda Z.
Jammy J.

Dance Prize
Rhianna E.
Kirsten R.
Laila W.

Patricia Millicent Michaels Prize (Language)
Amber Y.

Jane E. Rowe Prize (Music)
Carolyn B.
Elizabeth P.

Music Prize
Cordelia-Marie C.

Schaeffer History Prize
Kirsten R.

Global History Prize
Lenox B.

Woolcock Mathematics Prize
Nodoka M.

Senior Science Prize
Lillian R.
Isabelle F.

Lemuel Grier Prize
Nodoka M.

Sarah Boileau Grier Prize
Abby S.

Jan Conner Prize
Lenox B.
Laila W.

Thomas C. Grier Memorial Prize
Elizabeth C.

Trustees Prize
Nodoka M.

J. Richard Poisson Memorial Prize
Chantelle H.

Nancy Jane Davis Prize
Elizabeth C.
Elizabeth P.

Presentation of Diplomas

Trustee Mr. Geoffrey Grier - Welcome to Alumnae

Recognition of Retirees

Mrs. Abby Curtis - 30 years - History & Art Departments
Mrs. Mary Pat Lytle - 31 years - Learning Skills, Dean of Day Students, & Test Coordinator
Mr. James Pingry - 37 years - Science, Photography, & Yearbook
Mrs. Paulette Davis - 24 years - Registrar

Grier Administrators express thanks to parents, family, and friends for all their love and support. Thank you for sharing this special day! Congratulations to the remarkable Grier Class of 2021!

Attention 2021 #GrierGirl Graduates and Families - Graduation photos are now available! Please visit www.manningphotography.gotphoto.com and use the access code: Grier2021 to review and purchase your graduation photos.

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