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Grier TV Inaugural AV Awards

On Friday, May 14, 2021, Video and Broadcasting teacher Mr. Bryan Beckel led a special awards ceremony for the dedicated crew behind Grier TV.  He assembled an entertaining presentation featuring lost and damaged equipment, farewells, and awards. 

Mr. Beckel honored senior "Busy" Lizzie P. with the Margaret Booth Award for her dedication to deadlines and for generating over 50% of Grier TV weekly content.  Next, Mr. Beckel honored senior Kirsten "The Boss" R. with the Alice Guy Award for jumping in feet first, taking on the most difficult jobs, and leading the crew.
Honorable mentions went to Estella H., Cecilia F., and Madeleine K. for their behind-the-scenes editing work. Estella H. is also responsible for the design of the 2021 Grier TV crew shirt.  

In addition, Mr. Beckel created a plaque honoring the founding members of Grier TV. The plaque reads, "We recognize these ladies for all their hard work and effort to make Grier TV a success and pave the way for future members to carry on their legacy. 2019."  The names on the plaque include: Mikayla G., Lenox B., Haley V., Abby T., Cherry N., Kamryn G., Lindsee T. Daphne C., Claire C., Jing M., Cecilia F., Edith M., Maiia M., Rachel P., Elizabeth P., Lucy J., Briana K., Madeleine K., Kirsten R., Elizabeth C., Chantelle H., Ashley S., Estella H., and Ava L.

The ceremony closed with a Video Yearbook, featuring video highlights from Grier 2020-2021. 

Thank you Mr. Beckel and all of Grier TV for keeping us connected with the power of video!

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