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Candlelight Ceremony Returns

Once again, Grier's graduating seniors and their junior servers took part in the beloved Candlelight Ceremony.  Traditionally, this event takes place in the Ivy Courtyard the evening before the graduation ceremony, following music and dance performances.

Taking health and safety precautions seriously, the 2021 Candlelight Ceremony was pre-recorded before seniors reunited with their families the following day.  The seniors and servers gathered in a circle on the spacious Lodge Lawn, with seniors wearing white mortarboard caps that they gleefully tossed into the air at the conclusion of the ceremony.
Ms. Katt Barr provided us with photos of the sunset event, and Mr. Beckel included a recording of this ceremony in the video production of the Grier School Graduation Performances 2021. Enjoy a closer look at this revered Grier graduation tradition.

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