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Sport Psychologist Hosts Clinic for Grier Riders

Grier's Riding Director, Mrs. Chrystal Wood, invited sport psychologist and author Dr. Janet Sasson Edgette to host a clinic at Grier. Riders gathered after school on Friday, February 24th to learn how psychology affects their horse riding.
Dr. Edgette is a clinical and sport psychologist practicing in Exton, Pennsylvania. An equestrian enthusiast and accomplished hunter/jumper rider, she has adapted modern performance enhancement principles to the eequestrian world and has contributed greatily to the body of literature on the topic, including her books Heads Up!: Practical Sports Psychology for Riders, Their Families, and Their Trainers and The Rider's Edge: Overcoming the Psychological Challenges of Riding.

Edgette's website, Sport Psych for Riders, describes the clinics and seminar she hosts for teenagers. Understanding the stresses and pressures on young riders, she offers young riders the opportunity to talk openly about stressful experiences and discuss confidentially the relationships with their trainers and parents. Edgette's website lists popular topics, including: managing nervousness, learning to speak up to your trainer and parents to receive the best help, handling friendly competition, and recovering from a bad fall.

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