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Fine Art

Classes Bring Art History to Life

Students in Ms. Julie Piotti's Art History classes have been learning about Greco-Roman art and recently increased their understanding of the clothing worn by women during this era by donning costumes that reflect those worn by subjects in the artwork the students have been studying in Ms. Piotti's class.
The Greco-Roman era spans a huge chunk of time, from the Neolithic era beginning in 4500 B.C. to Roman Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity in A.D. 312. The Greco-Roman era also encompasses many cultures of the regions we know now as Greece and Italy. In addition to Ancient Greeks and Romans, this includes, most notably, the Etruscans. Grier Art History students learned about the types of fabric used in these eras, which included woven linens and wools, with the very wealthy owning some silks. Grier students also learned about the types of patterns that were popular for different Greco-Roman groups and how one rectangular piece of cloth could be used, worn, and draped in numerous ways.

After researching the materials and garments of the era, Ms. Piotti and her students assembled garments reflecting different styles and cultures found during the Greco-Roman era.

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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: B. Hampton and R. Woolfrey
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