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Gala to Bring Master Instructors to Grier

Under the leadership of Jocelyn Hrzic, Grier School’s Dance Department is excited to announce the 2017 Grier Gala. The Grier Gala is an annual event that brings master dance instructors to Grier and culminates in two nights of performances by professional dance companies and students of dance.
Throughout the year, guest artists join Grier’s dance instructors to provide opportunities for dancers to work with internationally renowned teachers, dancers, and choreographers. The Grier Gala is one of these opportunities. Participation in the Gala is open to current Grier students and to dancers from other studios. Some dancers come from as far as Mexico or Bermuda to take part in the Grier Gala.

A week before the actual Gala performances, a guest artist visits Grier and works with the dancers. This year, the guest artist is Jon Lehrer of LehrerDance. During the course of week, Lehrer will teach master classes to students at all dance levels and set choreography with different student groups.

The week of mentorship is followed by a Friday evening Student Showcase performance where students exhibit the dance technique and choreography developed during the week. On Saturday and Sunday, additional guest faculty instructors offer workshops from 9:00am-2:30pm. For many, the pinnacle of Gala is the Saturday evening showcase featuring performances by professional dance companies. The 2017 Gala includes performances by:

• Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
• Koresh Dance Company
• Lehrer Dance
• Oui Danse
• Peridance Contemporary Dance Company

Saturday and Sunday workshops will feature guest instructors, including:

• Debbie Blunden Diggs
• Kiesha Lalama
• Jon Lehrer
• Roni Koresh
• Whitney Moncrief
• Darrell Grand Moultrie
• Brice Mousset
• Melissa Rector
• Yarden Ronen-Van Herren

The Grier Gala is a wonderful opportunity for dancers and non-dancers to witness the art form at the highest level. Dancers learn from master teachers and have the chance to earn scholarships and to audition for college-level dance programs. Grier Summer, the summer camp program held on Grier campus, will offer scholarships to Gala participants to attend Grier Summer's Dance Intensive program. Other dance programs, colleges, and universities, such as Point Park University, will award Gala dancers scholarships for their respective summer programs based on what representatives observe during the Gala event. New for 2017, seniors can now audition for Point Park and the University of Western Michigan. These fantastic awards and opportunities are possible because of Grier Dance's well-esteemed reputation in the dance world and because of Grier Dance alumnae succeeding regularly at these college dance programs.

To find out more about the Grier Gala, including how to register, please contact Grier's Director of Dance, Jocelyn Hrzic. Schools of dance planning to send students to the Grier Gala Workshop can complete the form here. To register students for the opening numbers of the performance, complete the form here.

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