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Happy Halloween from Grier!

Grier celebrated Halloween on Friday with costume contests, a bonfire, trick-or-treating, and a school dance. During the school day, students and teachers dressed up in costumes that ranged from the beautiful, the silly, and the frightening. Some classes used the Lab Days prior to Grier's Halloween celebration to carve jack-o-lanterns that decorated the Colonnade. Many students and teachers had fun assembling group costumes. Halloween classics like ghosts, vampires, and witches wandered the school halls along with characters from current pop culture.
Students had a good laugh when their teachers surprised them during an Extra Help assembly with a choreographed dance routine to The Monster Mash. The students competed in costume contests for the cutest, scariest, funniest, most creative, and best group costumes. Next up, costumed teachers then participated in a contest for the best teacher costume, as judged by student applause.

Rachel S. won for scariest costume, with her sliced and bloodied mouth. Grace A. was the cutest as a big bowl of Fruit Loops cereal. Funniest costume was a tie between a pregnant couple played by Connie M. and Kelly J. and Linden M. and Jaden H. as"Peace and Quiet." There was another tie for most creative: Nisa C. as an international pop sensation and Annie G. in a Mean Girls costume. The best group costume was a tie between the characters of Glee and That 70s Show. Mrs. Kelley won the faculty costume contest for her elaborate sewer costume from IT.
Prizes included: candy, Grier bucks to spend at the Grier Bookstore and Coffee Barn, and a movie trip for the group costume winners.

After dinner, students headed over to the bonfire hosted by the Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) in Mrs. Gina Borst's backyard. Students played games, including one hilarious race to eat a donut off of a clothing line without using their hands.

Following the bonfire, students went trick-or-treating to on-campus faculty houses, saying "trick-or-treat!" in unison at each door to recieve a handful of candy. Finally, fueled on fun and sugar, the girls met outside at the Colonnade for a costumed Halloween dance.

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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: K. Barr, C. Fernandes, B. Hampton, J. Neely, and R. Woolfrey
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