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Students Show School Spirit

Grier students and faculty enjoyed a fun-filled spirit week sponsored by Student Council. Each day of the week featured a special dress-up day and a special silly competition after school.
On Mis-matched Monday, the students paired plaids with florals and clashed colors. After school, students representing each grade participated in hilarious game called “Suck it Up” where students passed M&M candies down the line using only a straw and suction. The Seniors took the win!

Twin Tuesday meant a bevy of identically dressed "twins," "triplets," and even bigger groups. The after school competition was called “Sticky Balls.” For this competition, students bounced ping pong balls and tried to get them to stick to two slices of peanut-butter bread. Once again, the Senior class won.

On Wednesday Grier folk were dressed up in for a Thanksgiving feast luncheon. The after school competition of “I Scream for Marshmallows” added to the silly mood of the day. In this game, players aimed to toss mini-marshmallows into empty ice cream cones held in the mouths of other students. Yet again, it was the seniors who took the win!

Grier enjoyed Color Day on Thursday, where members of each class dressed in a designated color. Seniors wore black, juniors wore white, sophomores wore blue, freshmen wore red, and the 7th and 8th graders wore pink. After school, the student classes competed against each other in “All About that Base.” In this silly competition, constenstants had to shake, twist, bend, and show off their best moves to get three ping pong balls to fall out of a tissue box belted to their hips. The seventh and eighth graders surprised everyone with a victory!

Spirit week culminated on Friday, with the whole Grier community sporting their Grier Spirit gear.

Ms. Crago tallied the wins and announced the winning class for spirit week:  the unstoppable SENIORS!

Congratulations on having awesome school spirit!

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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: C. Fernandes and R. Woolfrey
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