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Grier's "Bad Seed" is a Good Apple!

Audiences enjoyed Grier School's production of The Bad Seed, a chilling story of a seemingly perfect little girl in a small Southern town. The acclaimed play was written in 1954 by Maxwell Anderson, based on a novel by William March and was adapted into an Academy Award-nominated film.
In the play, the character Rhoda Penmark, appears to be a sweet and charming child, but her mother’s uneasiness about her daughter grows after a classmate’s mysterious death. Disturbed by events in the both present and new-found knowledge about her past, Rhoda’s mother Christine takes drastic measures, hoping to stave off future evil-doing.

At Grier, The Bad Seed was directed by drama teacher Mrs. Kim Silverman and performed by Grier students on Thursday, November 16th and Friday, November 17th. 


  • Christine Penmark … Zaida D.
  • Rhoda Penmark … Grace A.
  • Col. Kenneth Penmark … Iris H.
  • Richard Bravo … Emily C.
  • Reginald Takser … Linden M.
  • Mrs. Hortense Daigle … Ashley S.
  • Mr. Daigle … Terry C.
  • Emory Wages … Elizabeth C.
  • Leroy … Ani Q.
  • Monica Breedlove… Eva S.
  • Margaret Fern … Samantha C.
  • Priscilla Fern … Sophia J.
  • Messenger … Beza S.
Stage Managers: Ivy Z. and Brittany S.

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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: C. Fernandes and R. Woolfrey
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