Recent Science Labs Provide Exciting Learning Experiences

The Marking Period 4 Lab Days were certainly an exciting two days in the Science Department! 

Students in Dr. Nancy Burke's Honors Biology classes were running gels in a DNA electrophoresis lab. In Mrs. Fernandes' Chemistry class, students deduced the identity of mystery solutions. Chemistry teacher Mr. Mark Van Horn demonstrated the firey reaction when sodium and water combine. The young Life Sciences class dissected perch to learn about fish anatomy. Mr. Ort's Psychology class did a physical activity in Nana's place to strengthen their understanding of the concept of neuroplasticity, or how the pathways in the brain are re-routed during an individual's lifetime.
Each Marking Period, Grier schedules a pair of Lab Days that allow classes double-length periods to complete longer-format lessons. While all departments find uses for these extended periods, the Science Department takes full advantage by designing lab experiments and activities. Recently, we visited labs in biology, chemistry, and life sciences.

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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: C. Fernades and J. Neely
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