Students Creating a Rube-Goldberg Machine for Competition

Ten science-minded students are planning to enter this year's online Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. This year’s challenge is to design a machine to pour a bowl of cereal in 20-75 steps. In this early stage, the students worked with Dr. Chris Forest, husband of physics teacher Mrs. Kelley Forest, to assemble the set for their machine.
Grier did not compete last year while Mrs. Forest was on sabbatical, but two year’s ago the Grier team took 3rd place in the High School Division. In the 2016 competition, the Grier team, called "The Internationals," created a comically absurd machine that opened an umbrella in 42 steps. You can learn more about the Grier Rube-Goldberg team and see images, videos, and a complete list of of the 42 steps online.

The students described their machine, "Our international theme is designed around 5 continents. We are first in Asia where we travel down Mt. Fuji and the Great Wall of China. It enters the Pyramids of Egypt (Aftrica) where it ends with a giraffe going down a cart and entering Australia. Australia creates a way into Europe which ends with North America pulling a boot to open up the umbrella."

Students working on the 2018 project include: Heather, Melissa, Christine, Amy, Brittany, Michelle, Kristen, Ealing, Caroline and Noah. They will continue to work on their project mainly during weekends and after school. Grier awaits the photos and videos of their working project to come!

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