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Music & Theatre

Spring Music Pops Concert Entertains

Recently, Grier musicians and vocalists treated the Grier community to a pops music concert, with performances by the orchestra, string orchestra, jazz ensemble, flute choir, junior select singers, select singers and concert choir. Grier extends a warm thank you to all our musicians, singers, and teachers who came together for this very entertaining concert. It was a joy to experience. Grier's Music Department wishes to thank the wonderful audience for attending and supporting Grier musicians.

The Grier Music Department Presents

Pops Concert

February 28, 2018

String Orchestra
Barbara Neumuller, director

No One is Alone from Into the Woods………Sondheim
Violin Soloist: Michelle S.
Video by Amy L. and Cynthia J.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest……Zimmer, arr. Ricketts
Cello Soloist: Melissa Kuang

Barbara Neumuller, director

Leroy Anderson’s Irish Suite-Part 2………arr. Anderson
Violin Soloist: Michelle S.
Trumpet Soloist: Erzsi M.

The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring……Shore, arr. Whitney
Flute Soloist: Lizzie P.
Violin Soloist: Annie G.
Vocalist: Katie M.

Flute Choir
Agatha Wang, director

………Lennon and McCartney, arr. Louke

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
……… Lennon and McCartney, arr. Marani

Junior Select Singers
Julie Hanlon, director
Amanda Silliker, accompanist

Tue, Tue
…………Ghanaian Folk Song, arr. Gray

Build Me Up, Buttercup
………McCauley/ D’Abo, arr. MacHuff
Soloists: Cas C. and Judy L.

……Furler/Guzman/Smith/Moore/Mejia, arr. MacHuff
Soloists: Kirin C., Liza E., Vivian Y., Jenny Sue K. and Abby S.

Select Singers
Ginger Reinhardt, director

Africa………Toto, arr. Skowronek

Uptown Funk… Mendes, Arr. Sharon

Concert Choir
Ginger Reinhardt, director
Julie Hanlon, accompanist

Descant: Emily C., Annie G. and Annie L.

Handclap.....Fitz and the Tantrums, arr. Brymer
Soloists: Paige M., Emily C. and Cassandra Cr.
Guitar: Mick Dennis, Bass: Greg Folsom, Drums: Jordan Thompson

Happiness......Needtobreathe, arr. Emerson
Soloists: Annie G., Linden M., Annie L. and Soaleze B.
Guitar: Mick Dennis, Bass: Greg Folsom, Drums: Jordan Thompson

∼The Performers∼

Orchestra & String Orchestra

Violin I
Mengyao (Michelle) S. #
Annie G. #
Clare E. #
Lina Z. #

Violin 2
Riley F. #
Brittany S. #
Saffron P. #
Jenny Sue K. #
Ziyan (Jasmine) S. #

Heather P. #
Victoria Grace H. #
Mary D. #
Mikayla G. #

Meier (Melissa) K. #
Zehua (Noah) L. #
Yixun (Lavender) W. #
Paul K. # *

Elizabeth (Lizzie) P.
Daeum (Dora) K.
Agatha Wang *

Jinyan (Iris) H

Tianyi (Ellena) Z.
Zhiyue (Star) M.
Adam Miller *

Erzsebet (Erzsi) M.
Kelly Howdyshell *

Ziyi (Lyn) L. #

Nhu (Amy) T. #
Enjia (Vivien) Z.
Quyen (Quin) N.
Changyao (Cecilia) X.

Peiyang (Camille) L.

Grace W. #

Zehua (Noah) L.
Yingluo (Rebecca) W. #
Kirin C. #
Jordan Thompson # *

# String Orchestra Members
* Faculty

Flute Choir
Daeum (Dora) K.
Elizabeth (Lizzie) P.
Madeleine (Maddy) O.
Abigail (Abby) T.
Shi Han (Judy) L.
Agatha Wang *

CHOIR, Select and Junior Select
Grace A. +
Soaleze B. *
Kirin C. +
Emily C. *
Alexa C.
Cassandra C.+
Mary D. *
Khanh (Hannah) D. *
Baotran (Rachel) D.
Duong (Sarah) D.
Trang (Victoria) D.
Elizabeth E. +
Riley F. *
Ana Paula G.
Julia G.
Annette G. *
Mikayla G.
Siyue (April) H.
Xue'er (Miranda) H.
Chantelle H.
Jiayi (Ealing) J.
Jenny Sue K. +
Joowon (Jessica) K.
Grace L.
Jingjing (Lily) L.
Shihan (Judy) L +
Meichang (Annie) L. *
Olga L.
Chang (Amy) L.
Zexian (Cherry) L.*
Paige M. +
Linden M. *
Katie M.*
Erzsebet M. *
Yeojin P.
Annie Q.
Gabriella Q.
Lillian R. +
Abigail S.+
Michelle S.
Yicen (Chloe) S.
Katie S. *
Jieying (Brittany) S.
Ashley S.
Rachel S.
Lixin (Ann) S.
Abby T.
Qiyun (Emma) W.
Xinyu (Cindy) W.
Alexis W.*
Grace W. *
Yuhui (Rainie) W. *
Yinuo (Nancy) X.
Yang (Vivian) Y. +
Amber Y.
Zhijun (Lareina) Y. +
Lilian Z. *
Lina Z.
Mingjin (Lily) Z.
Jaycie Z.

* Select Singers
+ Junior Select Singers

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By R.Woolfrey | Photo credit: K.Barr
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