Grier Honors Students with Underclass Awards

During a special all-school assembly, department heads and teachers proudly presented outstanding academic achievement awards to underclass students. The award winners were selected by faculty members from the departments of: English, History, Math, Modern Languages, and Science for students in grades 7-11.

2017-2018 Outstanding Academic Achievement Award Recipients

Seventh & Eighth Grade
  • Marcella B. – 7th & 8th Grade History Award, 7th & 8th Grade Science Award
  • Natalia R. – 7th & 8th Grade History Award, 7th & 8th Grade Modern Language Award
  • Regina S. - 7th & 8th Grade Science Award
  • Samantha C. – 7th & 8th Grade Modern Language Award

Ninth Grade
  • Nodoka M. - 9th Grade History Award
  • Cindy W. - 9th Grade History Award
  • Isabelle F. - 9th Grade Science Award, 9th Grade English Award, 9th Grade Language Award
  • Kiara Z. - 9th Grade Math Award
  • Vivian Y. - 9th Grade Language Award

Tenth Grade
  • Lavender W. - 10th Grade History Award
  • Clare E. - 10th Grade History Award, 10th Grade English Award
  • Margaret A. - 10th Grade Science Award
  • Judy J. – 10th Grade Mat Award
  • Payton M. - 10th Grade English Award, 10th Grade Language Award
  • Logan W. - 10th Grade Language Award
  • Grace C. - 10th Grade Language Award

Eleventh Grade
  • Heather P. – 11th Grade History Award, 11th Grade English Award,
  • Erzsebet M. – 11th Grade History Award
  • Noah L. – 11th Grade Science Award
  • Amy T. – 11th Grade Science Award
  • Jessica D. – 11th Grade Math Award
  • Sherry X. – 11th Grade Language Award
  • Lauren S. – 11th Grade Language Award
Grier also awarded 11th grader Michelle S. with the Rensselaer Medal, a merit scholarship for one outstanding math and science student, with a value of $25,000 per year if the recipient is accepted to and enrolls at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Similarly, 11th Grader Heather P. was awarded an honor from the University of Rochester.

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