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Fine Art

Thank You, Mrs. Cave!

At the end of the year picnic, Grier took a moment to recognize art teacher, Mrs. Laurie Cave and wish her a happy retirement. Following the yearbook distribution, Mrs. Borst presented Mrs. Cave with a special book, a grand bouquet of flowers, and a card signed by her colleagues. Grier faculty and students then lined up to individually say fond farewells to Mrs. Cave.
Mrs. Cave has shared her abundant creativity and fostered artistic skills in Grier students since the mid-nineties, helping so many students discover their inner artist and cultivating talents that enabled several art students to achieve acceptance to top art schools and find success as working artists. Mrs. Borst honored her with a gift and a gorgeous bouquet. Then, everyone lined up to wish Mrs. Cave well in her retirement.

Grier is grateful to have had the talent and dedication of Mrs. Cave for so many years. She, along with her colleagues in the Art Department, has helped build a strong Art Program at the Grier School that will continue to flourish for years to come. Grier wishes her the best! She will be missed!

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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: Various
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