Grier's Library Prepares Students for College Research and Beyond

Grier’s Library is an information center that houses a high quality educational and recreational collection of physical and online resources freely available to students and teachers. Through the school year, Librarian, Mrs. Rebecca Woolfrey, promotes literacy through displays, contests, reading programs, and activities. In addition, Mrs. Woolfrey partners with teachers to offer annual library orientation and other research and information literacy instruction to students through their assigned classes. Instruction is based on the standards from the American Association of School Librarians for 21st Century Learners and helps prepare students for college-level research and become savvy information consumers.
The library is conducive to individual or group reading, researching, and studying. Students may use the library during free periods, non-academic times, in the company of their teachers, and during evening study hall Sundays-Thursdays. In addition to daytime hours, is open most evenings and weekends.

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