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Meet Grier's Newly Elected Class Officers

Last week students gathered in their graduating classes to vote for their leaders. Peers could hold the positions of Class President, Class Vice President, Class Secretary-Treasurer, and Class Student Council Representative. Together, these groups for a leadership team for each grade-level and the Student Council Representatives meet with the school leaders to give representative to the grade at the school-wide level. The election results.are....
President                     Courtney M                          
Vice President             Grace H
Secretary                     Erzsi M
Treasurer                     Alexa T
President                     Lily C                           
Vice President             Sydney L    
Secretary/Treasurer      Ann S
SC Rep                        Judy W
President                    Giavonna S
Vice President              Isabelle F
Secretary/Treasurer     Vivian Y
SC Rep                         Laila W
President                        Iris C                                             
Vice President                Isabelle H
Secretary/Treasurer        Karen Z
SC Rep                          Claire C                       
7th & 8th GRADE CLASS
President                       Briana K           
Vice President               Kayla M
Secretary/ Treasurer      Olivia M        
SC Rep                          Grace A     

These students join the Student Council leaders that were elected in the Spring of 2018.

President                      Noah L
Vice President              Ivy Z
Secretary                      Kristen L
Treasurer                      Vivian Z

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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: R.Woolfrey

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