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Yearbook Staff Visits Josten's

The students on Grier's Pineneedle yearbook staff had the fortune to take a field trip to Jostens Corporate Offices in State College, Pennsylvania, to pour over copies of yearbooks, get a behind-the-scenes look, and understand better the process of how their yearbook comes to be.

If the name "Jostens" rings a bell, that's because it's is a well-known producer of memorabilia that includes class rings and yearbooks. Jostens has produced Grier's yearbook, the Pineneedle for several years.
Photography teacher Mr. James Pingry leads the yearbook class, but allows his students a generous amount of autonomy. The students are largely responsible for the creative direction of the book through photography, selection, copy, layout, and graphics. Within the yearbook class, students receive photography instruction and are responsible for the majority of individual portraits, team photos, and event photos. The annual result is a unique yearbook that manages to capture the genuine essence of the school year through the student lens; precisely what makes the Pineneedle a valuable memento even in an age of digital photo-sharing.

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By R.Woolfrey | Photo credit: Rachel P.
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