Students Become Modern-Day Pilgrims During Unit on Chaucer

Juniors in Ms. Barr’s British Literature class created their own pilgrim prologues as part of a small project during the class unit on Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Following Chaucer’s model, the students imagined modern-day characters on a pilgrimage to Hollywood. Some of these characters included those you might imagine venturing to Hollywood, such as the Music Producer, the Beauty Guru, the Rapper, the Actress, and the Psychologist. Other characters may have reflected the students’ own career aspirations and included: the Doctor, the Musician, the Dancer, the Cardiologist, the Feminist, the Explorer, the Architect, the Artist, the Teacher, and the Chemist.

In the style of Chaucer, students created descriptive pilgrim prologues in approximate iambic pentameter. For the final part of the project, the students read their poems aloud. Ms. Barr offered bonus points to students who dressed up like the pilgrim characters they had created. Most students gladly took her up on this opportunity!
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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: K.Barr
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