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Learning About Sustainable Lifestyles

While most people are conscious about reducing waste by recycling and making sure to turn off the water or take shorter showers, sustainable living takes “going green” several steps further. Students in Life Sciences and Advanced Ecosystem Design class had opportunities to learn about this lifestyle by visiting the homes of two locals.
Sustainable living can be defined as a lifestyle that attempts to reduce one’s use of natural resources and one’s carbon footprint, often by altering methods of transportation, energy consumption, and food sources.  Mrs. Fernandes classes visited the home of Jody Wallace, who has previously visited Grier with her falcon, Thistle. At Ms. Wallace’s house, the students observed how she keeps her own chickens as a source of eggs and uses a rain barrel to collect rainwater to irrigate her organic garden. Mrs. Kelly Forest’s Advanced Ecosystem Design students checked out the farm of Grier’s own photography teacher, Mr. James Pingry!  Like Ms. Wallace, Mr. Pingry has chickens and grows organic vegetables to feed his family and others.

By visiting these farms, students learned about the choices available to consumers about their food sources, as well as, alternate methods of living that reduce human impact on the environment.

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