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New Testing Coordinator: Mrs. Hallahan

In any given year, Grier students may register for and take a number of standardized tests that are often linked to college admissions and scholarships. For this reason, Grier has a designated Testing Coordinator. Beginning this semester, Mrs. Olivia Hallahan fills this role. 
Mrs. Hallahan has many years of teaching experience, primarily with Grier’s ESL program and, more recently, teaching Social Studies classes to Grier’s youngest students. Mrs. Hallahan worked closely with her predecessor, Mrs. Lytle, to become familiar with the position, about which she says, “She has been very kind and helpful making the transition smooth through her expertise in preparation and organization.”

As Testing Coordinator, Mrs. Hallahan  is available to assist the students with their standardized test registrations. These tests include SAT, ACT, TOEFL®, PSAT , SSAT, and AP Exams. While her classroom is located in North Cottage, home to the ETS Certified TOEFL® Test Center, she also has an office in the Trustees Building, near the Learning Skills Suite. 

Mrs. Hallahan ensures that the students have forms completed correctly and by the ACT and SAT deadlines. She also makes certain that students who receive testing accommodations on campus complete the testing boards’ application forms in order to receive the same accommodations on the standardized tests. For any standardized tests where students’ accommodations cannot be met at test centers, Grier will administer and proctor the test on site.

By coordinating with Grier’s Activity Director, the Testing Coordinator arranges for transportation to any off-campus testing sites. The Food Services staff plays a vital role, as well, putting together special breakfasts for the girls taking SAT, ACT, and TOEFL® tests. 

PSATs are administered on-site in October to the sophomores and juniors. In January, the Test Coordinator meets with students in small groups to explain their PSAT scores and provides SAT preparation tips based on their PSAT scores. Additionally, she initiates the college search and application process.

Congratulations, Mrs. Hallahan, on your new position as Testing Coordinator! 

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