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GrierTV Live Connects Grier Fans

Fans of Grier Riding recently benefited from Grier’s newly refined ability to livestream. Over the past year, many of us have become familiar with livestreaming, or, the ability to transmit live coverage of an event over the internet. This technology allows viewers who cannot attend the event to feel like they are part of the action.
Grier was able to produce a livestream of the IEA show thanks to the generosity of a donor who provided the school with funds to purchase SlingStudio equipment and the skills of our resident videographer, Mr. Bryan Beckel. As riders competed in the show, Mr. Beckel blended and streamed audio and video footage in real-time to Grier's YouTube channel.

When Mr. Beckel and his Video Editing students typically produce films, they combine and edit footage and audio from multiple cameras and recording devices using computer software like FinalCut Pro. The process of assembling a finished video is intricate and often time-consuming.  With the SlingStudio equipment, Grier video technicians are able to combine different camera angles in real-time. The equipment can even incorporate video from cell phone cameras! 

Television viewers see this kind of editing technique when viewing live events like a sports game or awards show. Although these big-budget broadcasts use different equipment, the principles are the same. 
Mr. Beckel plans to utilize this technology in Grier TV, the weekly school broadcasts. He pointed out that SlingStudio also allows him to use green screen technology and to apply graphics, two techniques often utilized in pre-recorded GrierTV productions. 

The addition of the SlingStudio equipment is a huge asset to Grier School. Not only does it give us the potential to livestream future events, such as dance and music performances, ceremonies, future riding shows, and varsity sports matches, but it also gives our AV students amazing real-world experience in broadcast production and live commentating.  

The weekend's recordings are available to view on YouTube:

Sincere thanks to the generosity of the donor who made this possible, to Mr. Beckel who spent his weekend filming, and to his students who assisted in the production.

To see future GrierTV Live events, keep an eye on your inbox and follow Grier's Facebook page for announcements and links.  

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