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Meet Grier: Julia K. '25

At Grier School, we are proud of our diverse student community and culture. This year it is our goal to highlight our Grier Girls in their own words. Our series, Meet Grier, introduces our students to our extended community while showcasing their achievements and stories.


  • Name: Julia K.
  • "Home" when you're not at Grier: Cresson, Pennsylvania
  • Year: 8th grade
  • Years Attended Grier: 2
  • Age/Grade Started at Grier: 7th Grade

How Did you Decide to Attend Grier?

I decided to attend Grier because of the great academics and dance program.

Why do you prefer the all-girls school environment?

I prefer the all-girls school environment because there isn't so much pressure to be perfect and we all support each other.

Are you a member or officer of any clubs/organizations?

I am a part of the Grier School Ambassadors, Baking Club, Astronomy Club, Excursion Club, and Pottery Club.

Do you participate in any Signature Programs or activities? Which and why do you enjoy them?

I am a part of the Grier School dance program. I enjoy it because we all support each other and become very close friends.

What has been your favorite memory or story from your time at Grier?

My favorite memory from Grier is after Gala their was a professional dance show and watching how amazing they all were was such a great experience.

What are you most excited about for this year?

I am most excited for the spring dance show.

What is your favorite tradition at Grier and why?

My favorite tradition at Grier is the candlelight ceremony for the graduating class. I think that it is a great way to honor all of the seniors and it is very pretty.

What advice or message would you share with future Grier Girls?

My advice to future Grier Girls would be to try and balance your academics well with whatever you like to do whether it is dancing, riding or any other sport.

Just for fun - what is your favorite class, quote, book, recipe, movie, tv show, or podcast?

My favorite quote is "Be nice to everyone, always smile, and appreciate things because it could all be gone tomorrow."

Thank you, Julia, for sharing!

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