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Archers On Target in 2021

Upon the return from winter break, Grier students selected new sports for the season. Along with other great offerings, archery is a popular sport for veteran archers and novices. Coach Barr trains archers in the Grier gymnasium, where beginners learn the basics of the sport and all have the opportunity to practice and improve their aim.
During their second day of the sport, the pros were hitting targets and the newest archers were taking aim under the guidance of Coach Barr.  

    • Coach Barr giving new archer, Madoka, some pointers.

    • Squad 1 is comprised mainly of veteran archers like Amber, Nodoka, and Liza.

    • New archer Cady working on notching her arrow.

    • Liza releases the arrow.

    • Squad 1 arrows are on target!

    • Squad 2 beginner archers learning from Coach Barr.

    • A rack of colorful bows.

    • Nodoka with Amber and others from Squad 1.

    • Cady and Coach Barr.

    • Coach Barr helping Squad 2 archers, a quiver-full of colorful arrows.

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