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Music & Theatre

Students at Grier participate in a variety of performing arts that includes Music, Musical Theatre, Dramatic Arts, and Dance. The instructors at Grier are top-notch and our facilities include a Dance Building, Instrumental Music Building, a Vocal Music Suite, Auditorium, several sound-insulated practice rooms, instrument and costume storage.

In addition to academic courses, Grier students have many other opportunities to participate in the performing arts, specific to each department.


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  • AP Music Theory

    This intensive course is designed to develop musical skills that will lead to a thorough understanding of music composition and theory. Students will be required to read, notate, write, sing and listen to music to develop their aural, composition, analytical and performance skills. Upon completing the course, students will be prepared and are required to take the AP Music Theory Exam. Students going to college will be able to apply for credit or placement into advanced theory classes, depending on the individual colleges’ AP policies. This course is for students in grades 10-12 (9th grade with private music teacher recommendation). Prerequisites: Some prior knowledge of music theory is recommended though not required. Must have experience on an instrument or voice.
  • Beginning Piano Class I & II

    A class for any student who has never had piano before or wants a beginning refresher course. Small groups each have their own keyboard equipped with headphones which are removed for ensemble playing. There is some homework, but the majority of the work is done in class. A second semester class is offered for those who wish to continue.
  • Grier Singers (Honors Choir)

    This intensive class is designed for the serious vocal student who wishes to develop her solo and ensemble technique while expanding her knowledge and appreciation of group repertoire. Students will be a part of an active and dynamic performing ensemble, which encompasses a variety of periods and styles.
  • Music History

    This course grows students’ understanding of Western art music (“Classical Music”) in its contexts from the Medieval through Modern periods. It will include rudimentary ear training, dictation, and music theory when applicable, and may briefly delve into folk, jazz, and other styles depending on students’ interests.
  • Music Lessons Intensive

    This course is designed for the serious music student who wishes to focus on music as a possible career choice. Students will take three or more private music lessons per week.
  • Beginning Musical Theatre

    Students work with our vocal teacher in small groups to perform short scenes from Broadway musicals. Students will learn to develop characters through class activities and performing group and individual pieces. Students will be evaluated on written work, performances and class participation. This class is scheduled after school two days per week. Prerequisites: All students must audition.
  • Intermediate Musical Theatre

    Students will study musical theatre genres and styles through reading, lectures and performing. Topics included in the course will include (but are not limited to) musical theatre history, audition preparation, and rehearsal strategies. Students will perform studied pieces individually and in ensembles. Students will be evaluated on written work, performances and class participation. This class is scheduled after school two days per week. Prerequisites: All students must audition. Necessary skills include tap, jazz, voice lessons, and the ability to match pitch and sing harmonies.
  • Recording Technology

    In this class, students in grades 10-12 become familiar with digital recording equipment and editing software. Students learn the differences among a wide variety of microphones and how to position them when recording various instruments in order to achieve a high quality recording.

    Sound editing is done on AVID’s ProTools software using AVID control surfaces. Students begin by learning basic editing techniques using simple voice recordings, then progress to editing pieces of music with enough precision to make the edits virtually inaudible. Music editing advances to the point where mistakes that were recorded during actual live performances are corrected and enhanced to yield a recording that sounds perfect.

    Mixing multitrack recordings is also covered in this class. This deals with positioning instruments and/or voices in appropriate places along the “sound horizon”, adjusting audio levels to achieve a good blend of sounds and applying extra enhancements (EQ, compression and reverb) to the recordings.

    The class also gains extensive real world experience in setting up microphones, running audio cables and programming an audio console for the various large-scale live performances that take place at the school. There are at least three such events each semester.
  • Introduction to Acting I

    Through written and performance activities like improvisation and theatre games, students will be exposed to voice training, diction training, mind and body training for stage acting. Students will have beginning make-up training. Students will perform monologues and scenes and at the end of this semester, students will have a head shot and resume so they can audition anywhere.
  • Introduction to Acting II

    A continuation of Acting I, in the second semester students will be introduced to character development, scene development and analysis, dialects, physicality of characters. Students will continue to be introduced to make-up techniques. Students will perform skits and scenes for student assemblies. At the end of the semester, students will perform in front of faculty judges. Students will have a notebook of valuable information and exercises at the end of this class.


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  • Photo of Ginger Reinhardt

    Ginger Reinhardt 

    Music Department Chair
  • Photo of Mark Minnich

    Mark Minnich 

    Orchestra Director
  • Photo of Julia  Natoli

    Julia  Natoli 

    Music Teacher
  • Photo of Agatha Wang

    Agatha Wang 

    Music Teacher

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