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Music & Theatre


Grier realizes the benefits of music education and offers extensive opportunities for all students to participate. Students can enroll in music courses, take private lessons, and join performing ensembles. Music instructors at Grier are high quality instructors with professional experience.

Additionally, the Music department faculty arranges for enriching opportunities for student musicians, including:
  • Guest performances by local, regional, and national musicians
  • Workshops
  • Participation in regional competitions
  • Trips to Penn State University and New York City to attend concerts and Broadway musicals
  • Participation (by invitation) in the Juniata College Orchestra and the Central Pennsylvania Youth Orchestra

Ensembles & Lessons

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  • Ensembles

    Our ensembles perform both on and off campus in concerts and musical theater productions throughout the year. Enrichment activities include guest performances, workshops, and field trips to concerts and musicals in New York City and nearby Penn State University and Juniata College.

    Ensemble musicians may bring their own instruments to Grier or borrow instruments for no additional cost.
  • Private Lessons

    Our full-time and part-time instructors currently offer private lessons on all levels in voice, piano, flute, rock guitar, classical guitar, electric bass, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, saxophone, and drums. Theory and composition are also offered as private lessons. Students participating in private studies are encouraged to perform in recitals and concerts and may combine with other interested students to create chamber music groups. Qualified students may elect to participate in regional piano and vocal competitions and perform with other local orchestras. There is an additional fee per semester for private lessons. Students may use available Music Department instruments for their lessons or rent instruments for a fee.
  • Music Events

    • Parents’ Weekend Concert
    • Winter Concert
    • Spring Concert
    • Rock Fest
    • Spring Musical
    • Graduation Concert
    • Bi-annual recitals
    • Performers Club 


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  • AP Music Theory

    This intensive course is designed to develop musical skills that will lead to a thorough understanding of music composition and theory. Students will be required to read, notate, write, sing and listen to music to develop their aural, composition, analytical and performance skills. Upon completing the course, students will be prepared and are required to take the AP Music Theory Exam. Students going to college will be able to apply for credit or placement into advanced theory classes, depending on the individual colleges’ AP policies. This course is for students in grades 10-12 (9th grade with private music teacher recommendation). Prerequisites: Some prior knowledge of music theory is recommended though not required. Must have experience on an instrument or voice.
  • Beginning Piano Class I & II

    A class for any student who has never had piano before or wants a beginning refresher course. Small groups each have their own keyboard equipped with headphones which are removed for ensemble playing. There is some homework, but the majority of the work is done in class. A second semester class is offered for those who wish to continue.
  • Grier Singers (Honors Choir)

    This intensive class is designed for the serious vocal student who wishes to develop her solo and ensemble technique while expanding her knowledge and appreciation of group repertoire. Students will be a part of an active and dynamic performing ensemble, which encompasses a variety of periods and styles.
  • Music History

    This course grows students’ understanding of Western art music (“Classical Music”) in its contexts from the Medieval through Modern periods. It will include rudimentary ear training, dictation, and music theory when applicable, and may briefly delve into folk, jazz, and other styles depending on students’ interests.
  • Music Lessons Intensive

    This course is designed for the serious music student who wishes to focus on music as a possible career choice. Students will take three or more private music lessons per week.
  • Beginning Musical Theatre

    Students work with our vocal teacher in small groups to perform short scenes from Broadway musicals. Students will learn to develop characters through class activities and performing group and individual pieces. Students will be evaluated on written work, performances and class participation. This class is scheduled after school two days per week. Prerequisites: All students must audition.


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    Marinda Jenkins 

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    Mark Minnich 

    Orchestra Director
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    Music Teacher
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